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Faith Temple Church 

"A friendly church that's different with a ministry of deliverence"

Men's and Women's Departments


Motto: A brotherhood that never quits.

AIMS of the Brotherhood: To feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to comfort the hurt, to help the needy, to care for the sick.

  • The preaching of the gospel, the good news, the teaching of Jesus Christ, and that divine power of the cross has guided mankind to Holiness. When we as children of the light spread the gospel in door-to-door street ministries, and great soul winning services, then we are moving in the spirit of Evangelism.
  • Let everybody know that God in Christ and through Christ our Lord and Savior has given the power to true believers to make disciples of men. There is a Flame of Truth that can make all men who believe the truth to be set free from sin.
  • The drive to preach it, to teach it, to live it, to sing it, and to support it is because of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. He empowers the child of God to spread the good news of the gospel to other people. The Harvest is Great! The Harvest is Ripe and Ready! But laborers are few.

Can God count on you to become a fisher of men's souls. Come join the Brotherhood for the cause of Christ and the gospel that changes men's lives.


"Women Reflecting God's Glory"... Unto thy name give glory. Psalms 115:1

Our Focus: All women who desire to have a deeper relationship with God.

Our Mission Statement: Challenging women to put biblical principals in action in their daily lives. To strengthen the family structure. To help women to understand and maximize their potential.

Our Purpose: To give praise, honor and glory to God; To provide opportunities for bible study and spiritual enrichment; To promote Christian fellowship and unity; To encourage and challenge women to grow and live their lives reflecting God's glory; To minister to women of Faith Temple and the community.

Our Goal: To prepare women to become women of excellence, women of purpose; To increase and abound in love for one another; To develop woman of godly character; To be effective witnesses.

Our Motto: I am a new creation. I am a brand new person. Old things are passed away. I've been born again. I am more than a conqueror. That's What I Am!  



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